How can I play the rated bots in Live chess?

You may have played unrated games against the computer on, but did you know there are dozens of bots you can play rated games against in Live chess? And each has their own playing style and personality! And unlike the computer, games against these rated bots are saved in your archive and count as real games!

So how can you play them? Easy! First, click on 'live chess' in the left side menu: 

Then after you've chosen your time setting, click on VS Computer: 

NOTE: these bots will move almost instantly, and usually use less than 1 second per move! Because of this, you may want to adjust the time setting to something higher. If you are used to playing 5 minute chess, for example, you may want to choose 10 minute chess to play against these bots, since you will have no time to think during your opponent's move! 

After you click 'VS computer' you will see a list of bots and their ratings: 

These bots range from under 600 rating to around 2200, and everything in-between! Each bot even has their own personality and playing style, which you can read about when you challenge one: 

Once the game starts, unlike the computer, there are no take-backs, no suggestions, and no looking at lines! This is a real game!

Try them out, there are several in every rating range! 

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