What is 'Automate' and how do I play?

Automate is a fun, no pressure way to play chess! You don't even have to make a move, just sit back and watch the fight! In automate, you and your opponent will each choose the starting position of your pieces, and then let the engine play out the game! 

How to play:

Each player has 35 "points" of pieces to place on the board. You may choose ANY combination of pieces that add up to no more than 35.

The piece values are not set in stone! They will change from time to time to keep the game fresh. Here is an example of what piece values might look like when you play:

  •  Queen = 7
  •  Rook = 5
  •  Knight = 3
  •  Bishop = 4
  •  Pawn = 1
  •  King = not counted toward score

Pawns must be placed first. At least 6 pawns must be used. Pawns may be placed on 2nd or 3rd ranks. Pieces must be placed on 1st or 2nd ranks. No more than 2 pawns per file.

The King is placed last. The game starts when Black places their King. But be careful! If you put your king on a square where he is in check, you lose!

Once all the pieces are placed, the game starts, and the engine plays out the game! May the best starting position win! 

Click here to try it out! 

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