What are Key Moments in analysis?

Key Moments is a feature of the full game report analysis available to all Premium members, and all Basic members once per day. 

After running your game report analysis, click on Key Moments, or on the Key Moments tab:

Here you can review the key moments in your game! These are the moments where the balance shifted, for better or worse, based on one key move:

The first Key Moment is always your final 'book move' or opening move.

Each move in Key Moments will show you the state of the game at that point, and the next moves as predicted by the engine. The last book move will also show a list of the next possible moves found in the opening explorer. 

Click 'next key moment'!

If a key move could have been better, you will have the opportunity to Retry. If you click on 'retry' you can replay the position and try to find the best move. 

Once you have looked through all the key moments, you can go to the Game Summary:

This final page will show your accuracy, and also your adjusted accuracy which is what your accuracy would be if you'd found the best moves instead of your mistakes. 

In the above image I only received +2.9 because I only found one best move (the one marked with a green star) the other two I looked at hints (marked with magnifying glass icon.) 

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