How do I find (or become) a chess coach?

If you are looking for a chess coach, you can browse & find one on our Coach Directory!

We have coaches who offer instruction to all skill levels. Many offer online coaching right here - using the Analysis Boards in our Live Chess interface. It's a fantastic virtual classroom for chess instruction!

Alternatively, if you are a coach looking for new students, you can set up a coaching profile from the directory as well! If you want to offer online coaching here at, you can even set up a simple online store for your services - and it only takes a few minutes!

To become a coach you first need to have a verified account/identity with, and there are a few ways to do this. You can: 

  1. Send a copy of your identification (driver’s license/passport) to, OR
  2. If you’re a titled player, go through the normal Title Verification process, OR
  3. Become a premium member by upgrading your membership and putting your real name and credit card information on file. (The most secure, lasting way to verify your account.) 

Next, coaches *must have an established rating from FIDE or a nationally recognized chess federation* (all ratings will be verified by 

Further requirements:

  • All coaches must have a clear, legible "About Me" section on their profile page. 
  • All coaches must use a relevant, friendly avatar.
  • All coaches must have a record of being an upstanding, helpful member within our community.

Once you meet all the above requirements, you’ll only need to fill out a form to submit your application. 

To fill out the form, plus to learn all the details on how to become a coach, please see this article on the main site.

If the information in this article is out of date, incorrect, or unclear, or if you have questions about it, please let us know!

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