How can I become a Verified member on

Chess players can now officially verify their accounts! 

Verify your account today to participate in exclusive events, cash prize tournaments, get priority pairing with other verified players, and play in the official Global Championship!

How do I get verified?

First, sign in to on the account you wish to verify, then go to

Fill out the required form with your full name, phone number and email and birthday (these are all kept private on your account!) then submit the form.

NOTE: you must be 13 years of age to be verified!  

After you've filled in the info, click on 'SMS Verification' and a code will be sent to your phone. Verify your phone by entering the code that is sent. 

The cost is $10/year ($15/year for the first year in order to be properly verified). Once your application is approved you will be notified and eligible for Verified online events at!

This fee also counts as your entrance fee into the CGC!

NOTE: Before you can get your account verified, you must play 20 rapid games or 50 blitz games on the account.

After the verification is complete, you will see the blue check next to your profile picture: 

Get Verified today! 

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