What is TreasureChess? How do I use it?

Treasure Chess is an app that lets you save, collect, and trade games of chess by saving them as Treasures (a type of digital item you own). 

You can find it at https://treasure.chess.com/

Sign in using your Chess.com account and all your games will be there, available to be 'minted' into a Treasure, which you can then sell, trade, or show off to other members of the community! 

From the Treasure.Chess home page, click 'log in' in the upper right, then click on the Chess.com icon to log in with your Chess.com account: 

Note: By connecting your Chess.com account to Treasure Chess, you opt in to allow Treasures of games you played in to be bought and sold on the Treasure Chess market! 

This will connect your Chess.com games with Treasure.Chess, so you can start minting games! 

How to mint a game

Everyone gets 3 free mints! After that, minting a game will cost 5 USD per game. 

To mint a game, first, find the game you want to mint. You can use the search bar on your profile page to search for the game: 

Select a month and year to see a list of games you played at that time. You can also search for a specific opponent, and filter for wins, losses or draws. 

Once you've found the game you are after, click on it! 

You will then see the final position of the game on the right side of your screen, and the results. To mint the game and create it as a Treasure, simply choose a title, and click the green Mint button! 

You will be notified that minting is in progress, and given a wait time of a few minutes or less. 

Then, you have your shiny new Treasure! 

Based on several factors, such as the rating of your opponent, the length of the game, how the game was won, and many other things, your Treasure will get a rating, and a level. Unlock achievements for minting high level games!

Where are my treasures?

After minting a games, you can see it on your profile page by scrolling down. You'll see the header 'Treasures Owned' and see all the games you have minted:

Scroll down further to see a list of all the games others have minted, that you were a player in! This is in the 'Treasured Played' section! 

How to buy, sell, or gift treasures

You can search through all treasures by clicking Treasures on the top menu bar

From here you can see all the most recently minted treasures from all members of the community: 

You can select from the dropdown to order by level, price, or newest first, or you can use the right hand menu to search for specific users, openings, level and so on. 

When you find a treasure you want, click on it! You'll see all the details about who owns it, how much it costs, and a history of all the times its been bought or sold before. 

To sell one of your own treasures, first click on the treasure: 

Then you'll be able to list the treasure for whatever price you want, or search for a username to gift the treasure to. 

Please note: Before you can list any treasure, the other player who you played the game with must connect their Chess.com account to Treasure Chess. No Treasure can be sold until both players of the game have opted in. 

If someone buys one of your minted games, 100% of primary sales goes to you, the creator of the minted game! 

If the person who bought that game resells it, then 90% secondary sales goes to seller,  5% goes to the platform(treasure.chess.com) and 5% goes to the original minter (you!)

Due to this structure, you can possibly keep making money off your games without doing anything! If you mint a popular game that is bought and sold many times, you'll keep getting a percentage. 

Sales proceeds and resale percentages are all automatically added to your balance on your Treasure.chess account. You don't have to do anything! 

If you want to purchase a treasure, you will need to have a balance in your account. To add funds, simply click on the 'add funds' button near your username: 

You can add money through Wyre,

Once your funds are added, you can use them to purchase all the treasures you want! 

Treasure prices will be listed below the treasure: 

Start having fun collecting and creating your own chess treasures today! 

Can I opt out? 

Even if you don't connect your account to Treasure Chess, your opponents will still be able to create Treasures out of the games they played with you, though they won't be able to sell them on the Treasure Chess marketplace. 

If you don't want any of your games to be able to be minted as Treasures, you can opt out of Treasure Chess. If you would like to opt out, please contact support! 

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