What are the rules of behavior for Live Chess?

Rules of Behavior

Chess.com is a friendly community. The following behavior is prohibited and can result in you being kicked or banned:

  • Cheating
  • Accusations of cheating (naming/shaming)
  • Offensive/vulgar language/toilet humor/cursing or swearing
  • Personal attacks
  • Spamming (repetitive/pointless/distracting posts/lettering)
  • Advertising and/or promoting other websites
  • Religious or political topics in Main Hall
  • Racism or sexism
  • Discussion of illegal activities (guns/drugs, etc)
  • Posting of any external links

There is a room for Help & Support questions. While this is mainly for live chess based queries the moderators may be able to assist with other site related queries.

Please note though that once you have had your query answered the room is not for general chatter as this prevents and hinders the assigned moderators from helping others with questions.  (Once your question has been answered, please leave the help room)

Simply put: be nice and have fun!

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