Can I do an interactive post-game analysis with my opponent?

Live Post-Game Analysis

This feature can only be initiated by platinum and diamond members only.  Gold members and basic members can observe the game.

Once your live chess game has finished, you and your opponent have the choice of doing post analysis of your game.

  • Owner has full control of the board and has the options to make opponent viewer or student.
  • Student has some ability to control of the board at the discretion of the owner
  • Viewer can observe only.

In the image below, you see the game has now ended. The option to initiate game analysis is shown below. This is seen by both players and either player can choose to analyze alone or with their opponent.

Once you've clicked on the live analysis board this is what they see (or what you will see if they send you the invite):

Whoever sends the invite is board 'Owner', the opponent accepting is 'student'.

At any time the board owner can make the student a viewer, and by clicking on their name again, make student again.

Pass Ownership
If for example you know you have a bad connection, and you are the board owner, you can click on the opponent's username in the 'Users' box, and Pass Ownership to them. This then makes you student, and them the owner.

On passing ownership of the analysis to your opponent, you will see the message appear " [username] has left the game" even if you haven't. It means you've left ownership :)

Because your opponent cannot see you in the game chat area, they cannot pass ownership back to you. If you do want to return to that analysis, your opponent (and current analysis owner) has to send you an invite to the analysis.

Once you've accepted this, they can then click on your username in the 'users list' as shown in the image above, and then on 'Make Student'.

This post game analysis is much like the live chess analysis board so for further information on what can be done please see How do I use the Live Analysis Board?


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