How can I improve my live chess connection?

If you are having frequent lag or disconnects while playing live chess, you may want to try adjusting your connection settings. This can possibly improve your Live Chess internet connection!

You can find these options in your Live Chess settings panel:


Change the "Type" of Connection allows you to choose between two technologies for your connection. This is the method your browser uses to send and receive messages from the server.

  • Secure Long Polling - This is the default option because it is the most well-supported technology and works with all browsers and devices. It may also be fastest for you.
  • Secure Websocket - This is a newer option with some improvements, however, it is not as widely compatible, and doesn’t necessarily improve performance in all applications.

Safari users: Please note that Websocket is currently your best option and the system default for your browser. This is to help avoid known issues with the way Safari manages browser tabs, which can result in (false) multiple logins, etc.

Change the Network Option

There are also two options for you to use for the “routing” of your connection. In between your computer and our servers are dozens of little “stops” along the way, each stop deciding where your move should go next. The 'route' determines this path.

  • Live - This is the default routing. With this option, when you make a move, the default internet routing decides what is the most efficient path between your browser and our server. This is usually best, but not always.
  • Live2 - This is a route provided by our CDN (Content Delivery Network). This is a more private route, which may possibly be slower, but more stable. Please note that Websocket is NOT available on Live2.

If you are having trouble with disconnects and lag, you may want to try changing these options around to see if you can find any improvement. There is no risk in experimenting, you can always change the settings back to how they were before if you don't see any improvement! 

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