How do ratings work?

Please note:
  • Unrated games do not affect your rating (you can tell if a game is rated or not by looking on the "Details" tab to the right of the board)

Abort - No effect on ratings

Resign- Affects ratings immediately after the abort option is gone (one move)

Timeouts - No effects until four moves.

Basically, each player starts at 1200. As you win and lose games your rating will go up and down. The degree of change is determined by the difference between your rating and your opponent's - as well as by each player's Rating Deviation (RD).


The Rating Deviation is an index of the accuracy of your rating given the amount of game data it's based on:  It's a margin of error. (If your RD is high, it means a bigger margin of error.)

When you haven't played many games, your rating can move up and down quickly. Similarly, your rating moves less when playing an opponent with a high rating deviation because his or her true rating is less certain.

Of course, as you play more and more, your rating will become more accurate and less volatile.

To find out all the details, please read this article on the subject.

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