How do Lessons work? Lessons are a combination of playing, getting a private lesson from a Grandmaster, reading a chess book, solving positions, performing in-depth analysis, and taking a computer-tracked chess test - all at once! Work through interactive chess courses crafted by renowned chess authors like Jeremy Silman, John Grefe, Marc Leski, Eric Tangborn, Patrick Wolff and others.

Lessons are unique for three important reasons:

  1. You get more than just a "correct" or "incorrect" - you get specific comments on EVERY move, right or wrong!
  2. You learn how to THINK about chess positions like a Grandmaster because you see the board as he/she does!
  3. You get an individualized performance rating to reveal the strengths and weaknesses in your game!

COURSES: Courses are groups of lessons centered around specific categories or themes - much like how a chess book is organized.  See our Course List!

LESSONS: Each lesson starts with a specific position and then asks you to make the best move. These lessons are written by top chess trainers and focus in on critical themes and bits of knowledge that you can use in your games. Usually, the challenges are taken directly from the games of the world's greatest players! 

The interactive discovery process enabled by Lessons allows you to experiment without fear. In fact, the more mistakes you make, the more you learn!

You have access to a multitude of graphical hints and advice as you go. Every legal move you try receives a hand-crafted comment: every wrong move, every almost-correct move, every correct move, and every equally correct move. You learn by working out the logic of chess situations, by actually moving the pieces, and by getting direct & immediate feedback about the moves you choose.

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