How do I use the Tactics Trainer interface?

When you begin training, you will be presented with a position on the chess-board.

You will be playing the side on the bottom and you will see a label such as "WHITE to move." In most cases, two seconds later you will see a piece move, which is your "opponent's" move (made by the computer interface). Your timer will then start and you are challenged to find all of the correct moves.

(Note: Sometimes a problem may load in which it is already your move. In those cases, it will say "Your Move" to the right of the board.)

You move your pieces either by dragging-and-dropping them, or by clicking on the piece and then clicking on the destination square. If your move is correct and the problem is not yet complete, you will then see a response move. This will continue until the problem is solved or you make a mistake.

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