How do I use the Game Explorer?

To use the Game Explorer, simply make moves on the board and then watch as the table on the right updates with the games and moves made in similar positions by other chess players.  It's a great way to study common openings, and you can see the names of openings related to the current position just below the board.

From the "Database" menu at the top, you can choose to include data from our Master games database, from your own games, or from the games of a specific member.  (If you choose "Other Players Games" you'll be asked to specify a username.)

In the table you can see...

  • The move, which is also a link to the next position that will refresh the table with new data (an alternative to moving on the board)
  • The number of games in the chosen database in which the move was played
  • The number of white wins (white), draws (gray) and black wins (black) for games where that move was played

Explorer - Info panel


If you keep moving long enough, you will arrive at a list of individual games you can study.

Currently, the Explorer does not index Live Chess games shorter than 5 | 0, Chess960 games, or any games of fewer than four moves in length.

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