How do I start a new Live Chess game?

Once you enter Live Chess, to the left of the Seek Graph you will see a tab entitled "New Game." Click on that tab to create your live chess challenge. 

Using the New Game tab, you are able to decide what time control you'd like to play, what ratings you're willing to play against, whether the game is rated or not, and if the game is unrated, what color you play. 

Live Chess Graph

The drop-down Time Control box allows you to choose from our preset time controls, or create your own. All time controls are sorted into three live chess ratings, Standard, Blitz and Bullet (see here for details).

Initial time: The number of minutes each player has to complete the game

Bonus time: Characterized in seconds (60 at most), this is bonus time added to a player's clock every time he or she makes a move

Min rating: is for you to type in the lowest rating of a player you are willing to play. Minimum and maximum ratings are calculated relative to your rating. Ex: If your rating is 1207, and you have set your minimum rating at -200, you won't play anyone below 1007.

Max rating: means you don't want to play anyone rated higher than that. 

Rated: Rated games affect your Live chess rating. 

Unrated: The game result will not affect your rating, and you are able to select the color that you'd like to play. 


Once you've set up the game, click the Start Game button and it will appear in the seeks challenge graph for others to accept.

If you change your mind, you can click the "cancel" option next to your seek - but only before someone accepts!

You can also abort a rated game before you've made your first move, and it won't affect your ratings.  (Please don't make a habit of this!)

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