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Rules of Behavior is a friendly community. The following behavior is prohibited and can result in your being kicked or banned:

- Cheating

Accusations of cheating - 'naming/shaming'

Offensive/vulgar language/toilet humor

- Personal attacks

Spamming (spammy pointless/distracting posts/lettering)

- Advertising and/or promoting other websites

- Religious or political topics in Main Hall

- Racism

- Discussion of illegal activities (guns/drugs, etc)

- Posting of any external links

There is a room for Help & Support questions. While this is mainly for live chess based
queries the moderators may be able to assist with other site related queries.
Please note though that once you have had your query answered the room is not for general
chatter as this prevents and hinders the assigned moderators from helping others with questions.
(Once your question has been answered, please leave the help room)

Simply put: be nice and have fun!


Using The interface

Full Board and Simple Board

-Simple Board

If you are not satisfied with our Simple Board you may switch to our Full Board at any time you 

wish by clicking "Full Board" underneath the main chat window.

- Full Board

 If you are not satisfied with our Full Board you may try our Simple Board by clicking
"Simple Board" in the top right hand corner of your screen.



There are different tabs available where you may access the information you need. 

- Alerts : You will receive important alerts here, including tournament start times,
current top game, friend requests, chat requests and game requests.

- Friends : Where you may view your friends who are currently in Live Chess

- Chat : Where you may view the different chat rooms as well as access the sub tab "Rooms"
where you will be able to view a list of all the rooms that you may enter. 

- Games : Please see the subheading entitled "Finding a Game" for full instructions on how
to use this tab.



In settings you may change your chess piece style, game board color and size, what alerts you
receive, who may send you challenges and much much more.

If Using our Simple Board your setting options will be located under the main chat window. 


If using our Full Board your setting options will be located in the top right hand corner of your


Starting a Game

Creating a Game Seek 

A "seek" is an open invitation to play. To create a seek, click on the "New Game" tab, then
 click on the " Start Game " button to create an open seek that other players can view and accept.
You may also use the "Min & Max Rating" boxes as well as the "Rated or Unrated" option to
customize your seek.

Seek Graph 

The seek graph is accessible by clicking on the "New Game" tab. 

Within the Seek Graph you will see a few things.

- Solid Dark Green Dots : Rated challenge Seek

- Solid Light Green Dots : Computer Challenge Seek
- Hollow Dark Green Dots : Unrated Challenge Seek
- Trophy Symbol : Tournament 
- Red Dot : Direct challenge from Someone
- Blue Dot : Seek Created by a Friend
- Orange Dot : Your Own Seek
- Square Checkered Board : Presenter's Analysis Board

You may accept a challenge by simply clicking on the appropriate dot.


Games Tab

Above the main chat box you will see a tab named "Games" if clicked on you will see
three sub tabs :
- Games : All current games being played in Live Chess
- Players : All current players in Live Chess
- Seeks : This is were you can see all current seeks sent out by may also accept
seeks from here and start games!
Offering a Challenge
To Challenge one player specifically,click on the "Games" tab then sub tab "Players" the click
on the "Play" button next to their name.
You may also challenge your friends directly by clicking the "Friends" tab and clicking the
"Play" button next to their name. Keep in mind, though, that your friend must be in Live Chess
for you to be able to challenge him or her.


Interacting with Members

You can click on a player's name to see more information about them, challenge them, or
observe the game they are playing! However, if you click on a player name from the game
board then you will be taken directly to their profile page.



Moving the Pieces 
Moving pieces is easy! You can either drag the piece with your mouse, or click on the piece
and then again on its destination square.

How to Chat

To chat, simply type into the white text box found in your current game tab and hit the ENTER
key on your keyboard.

Time Controls

Games on Live Chess are timed. There are two numbers for time: the first number is how
many minutes you have to make all of your moves. The second number is how many bonus
seconds you get for every move you make. So a time of 5|5 means five minutes + five seconds
per move.
There are also three time catagories with three different ratings. for example if you are rated
1300 in Blitz, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will be rated 1300 in Bullet and Standard.
Each catagory has their own rating.

1-2 minute games : Bullet

3-14 minute games : Blitz

15 minutes and up : Standard
To learn more about the time controls as well as why there are 3 different ratings in live chess,
please click on the following links:




 "Lag" is a measure of how much time it takes for the move made on your computer to be
recognized by the server. We use lag-detection technology to determine lag and add time
back to the clock to compensate. If you see your opponents time suddenly jump up, that is
because they have a high lag. They didn't see your move that entire time it was lagging, so
their time doesn't count down during that time.
To learn more about lag and how it may affect your play in Live Chess, please visit the following pages:

What is lag and what are the colored lag indicators in live chess?

Why did the clock times suddenly change? The clocks seem broken!


Fair Play Policy encourages players to be kind and show good sportsmanship.
Our Fair Play Policy expects that players will not :

- Intentionally disconnect during games

- Stall to make opponents wait unnecessarily

- Frivolously abort games because they don't want to play black, etc.

If you fail to play within the guidelines of the Fair Play Policy, your game play may

become restricted.

If you have a bad connection, or are playing with an older web browser, then your fair play
restriction may activate until you get a better connectivity. 

Please click this link for more information on our fair play policy. 



To play in a tournament simply click the "Tournaments" tab located next to the "New Game" tab.  
Within the tournament tab you will see the following:
You may click "Join" to enter a Live Chess tournament. If at any time you feel that you no
longer want to play in it or that you made a mistake by joining, you may simply click "Withdraw".

For more information on tournaments please click the following link :

How do Live Tournaments work? Where can I join one?


For additional information, please click the links below:

All Live Chess FAQ's

Report Bugs
Click here to report bugs!

We hope you have a lot of fun with Live Chess!

- The Team

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