How do I use the Seek Graph?


The Seek Graph provides an alternative and more graphical view of open challenges in Live Chess

The horizontal row shows the time of the game in minutes, the vertical row shows player ratings.  (See this article to see how estimated game duration is derived for games with bonus time per move.)

To accept someone else's seek, click on their dot and the game will begin.

What do the colors mean?

  • Orange - These are your own seeks (including direct challenges)
  • Blue - These are open seeks created by your friends
  • Green - Open seeks by members not on your friend list
  • Red - Someone has challenged you directly!
  • White in the middle (all colors) - Unrated
  • Square Checkered Board - Presenter's Analysis Board
  • Trophy -these represent Tournaments


Seek Graph Options

In the lower left hand corner of the "New Game" tab you will see "Graph Options" once clicked a box will appear like the following: 

From here you can customize what you see on the Seek Graph. 

Please Note: what you add/change on the filter only applies to what you see on the graph and in no way affects the seeks you yourself create.


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