How Do I Take a Screenshot? (Windows)

To take a screenshot on a Windows computer, please see this article. 
What is a Screenshot and Why is it Useful? 

A screenshot is a way of taking a snapshot, or picture, of your computer screen. Something that you see on your computer we may not be able to see on ours, so if you can grab a screenshot it will allow us to better understand what the problem is when troubleshooting. 

Capture the Screenshot:

  • Press the PRINT SCREEN (or PRTSCN) key. On laptops, you may have to click FN or ALT and PRINT SCREEN at the same time.  This will capture the image on the screen to your clipboard.  


Open the Paint application:

  • (You can do this by going to Programs > Accessories > Paint or by typing "Paint" in the search box on your  task bar ). 


Paste the Screenshot into the Paint Application:

  • Paste the screenshot into the Paint application by right-clicking and click Paste (or hold down CTRL and press V at the same time).  Now you can save it (File -> Save As...). Attached this saved file to any email as you would a regular picture. 

There are other downloadable programs available for use on both the Mac and PC to quickly capture and share a picture of your screen. These are helpful programs that allows you to capture your whole screen or just a part of it.  They give you the screenshot URL for easy inclusion into support ticket:

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