Vote Chess

What is Vote Chess?

Vote Chess is a game played by multiple players on different sides where each player casts a vote to try and determine the final move. Then the move with the most votes is played. Some Vote Chess games consist of 1/2 of Members vs. the other 1/2 of Members. In this mode players a...

How do I play Vote Chess?

To play Vote Chess simply go to the game you want to play while you are logged in and you will automatically be assigned to a team! You can join a game at any point during the game. Once you are assigned a team you can then make your move and submit it to the voting. Once time is up moves are tallie...

How do I offer a draw?

You can offer a draw in addition to your move. It will not be counted as your move. The draw offer will only be submitted if more than 50% of the voters include the draw offer. Then the other team will have the option of accepting the draw with more than 50% of votes.

How do I suggest that we resign?

If you feel that the game is over and would like to resign then you can cast your vote to resign. If more than 60% of voters choose to resign then the game will be over.

How do I review the whole game?

You can review the moves of the game by clicking on the MOVES tab. You can also use the ARCHIVE to step back to a past game state and view comments and the current move.

What happens when there is a tie vote for moves?

If there is a tie vote for one or more moves then the move that was voted for last (Second) suggested is chosen as the winning move.

Can I change my move?

Once you submit your move you cannot change your vote for that move. So be sure to think carefully before submitting your vote!

How do the different comments sections work?

There are three different comments sections. PUBLIC can be seen by everyone and anyone. You can go there to meet face to face with the competition! TEAM comments are only seen by your teammates. The ARCHIVE allows you to go back and use the comments of previous moves.

Can I use computers or outside help in my Vote Chess game?

The default stance is that computers and outside help are NOT allowed! However, if a game is going to allow computer or outside help it will be clearly noted in the game description.

What is Team Vote Chess?

Thematic tournaments require all games to start from a pre-defined starting position (such as the first 3 moves of the King’s Gambit, for example). This allows players to play similar games and test each other in certain openings. Thematic tournaments are indicated with a special icon and also show ...