Premium Membership

How does membership renewal work?

If you paid by credit-card or PayPal, our monthly and annual subscriptions renew automatically: If you are enjoying your benefits there is nothing you need to do. However, if you wish to cancel auto-renewal at any time, you can easily do so from your account page:

Why must I enter credit-card info to start a FREE trial?

If we did not ask for a credit-card number when someone starts a free trial, there would be nothing to prevent people using multiple accounts to get free premium benefits over and over again. Also, please remember... If you cancel the free trial before it ends, you aren't charged anyth...

Where can I find the prices for the different levels of membership?

Thanks for considering a premium membership on! You can find the membership pricing and features page by going to Home in the upper right hand corner of your page and then choose 'Membership' from the drop down box that opens up. It should lead you to this page:

How can I manage my Apple Itunes subscription with

Here is an information page for how to manage your Apple Itunes membership subscription with

Can I pay with Bitcoin?

You can pay for yearly memberships using Bitcoin (through BitPay). Your order will be received by our payments team and applied to your account within 48 hours. Diamond (1 year) Platinum (1 year) Gold (1 year)