Computer Analysis? How do I get my games analyzed?

Computer Analysis is an instructive feature that gives you an "expert opinion" on games you've played at  See where you (or your opponent) missed opportunities, and give yourself a chance to really learn from your mistakes!

Simply view any completed game: Live Chess or Online Chess (but not 960 games).  From here, you can click on the "Computer Analysis" icon to the right of the board and below the Chat Window/Move List.

This will begin a live analysis of your game right in front of you!

At the top of the move list, you'll see the overview of the quality of each players move according to the computer.

The computer will tell you if your move was Excellent, Good, an Inaccuracy, Mistake, or a Blunder. Forced moves are moves that were the only legal move available.

The Best Move will show you the percentage of the time that you made a move that was the computer's top choice.

The Avg. Diff shows the difference, on average, between the quality of your move and the engine's top choice.

The Computer Analysis feature has different access levels depending on your membership at

  • Basic/Free: Quick Analysis is available: Less in depth, but a good way to check for blunders!
  • Gold:  Quick Analysis is available
  • Platinum:  Quick or Deep analysis are available. Deep analysis will take a little longer, but will be more accurate!
  • Diamond: Quick, Deep, and Maximum Analysis are available. Maximum analysis will give you the clearest picture of your game possible!

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