How do I use the Analysis Board & Editor?

Analysis Board

Once you have downloaded your PGN you are ready to use the Analysis Board Editor.

Please see the Analysis Board below. Here you can move pieces freely and create whatever setup you want. You can drag pieces on and off the board.

Entering moves into the Analysis Board is necessary before moving on to the Game Editor.

If you have a PGN or FEN copied, you can quickly enter the moves from your clipboard by clicking where it says 'PGN/FEN"

As soon as you paste your PGN, the board will show your game; you can go through it move by move.


The moves editor allows you to view, edit, add and change the moves and comments in the game. It is basically a PGN Editor with added functionality.

The "Actions" menu gives you a number of options for your embedded diagram.
  • Set Begin - mark the position in the game where you want the game to start
  • Set Focus - mark the position in the game where you want the game to first be shown when loaded
  • Set End - mark the position in the game wher eyou want the game to end
  • Promote - make the current variation tree the primary variation
  • Delete - remove all further moves in the variation tree
The "Evaluations" menu allows you to add marks to your PGN such as "!!" or "?!" in order to flesh out your diagram.


Below you will see details of your game. The game details include information about the players and the event. This will be pre-filled if you use an existing PGN file.

s: analysis b


Once you've finished inputting moves and evaluations, you can choose the theme for your diagram. You can choose from any background color and any piece style.


Once you've input your moves, chosen your theme, and added your remarks, it's time to publish your work on! You can easily insert your diagram into a Blog post, a comment, or the forums!

Simply copy the code or the image shown on the "Publish" menu and paste it anywhere on 

oard editor pgn publish game position blog post
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