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What is Spell Chess?
What is Spell Chess?
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Spell Chess is a new variant of the classic game of Chess that adds some exciting new ways to play! In Spell Chess, cast powerful spells against your opponents and take control of the board.


Spell Chess contains two spells: Freeze and Jump.

When you first start the game you'll be given 5 Freeze spells and 2 Jump spells.

Freeze allows you to freeze a 3x3 section of the board. Pieces in that area can't move on your opponent's next turn. You can also place the freeze area on the edge of the board, and only freeze a 2x3 or 2x2 section in the corner if desired. You can even use Freeze to temporarily get out of check by freezing the checking piece!

Jump lets you select a square to jump over. This can be a square with your own piece or an opponent's piece on it. You can move through the selected square to capture another piece behind it - even the king! This effect lasts for one turn, including your opponent's move. This means that if possible your opponent may also jump over the selected square with their move.

Spells have a cooldown of 3 full turns, meaning if you cast Freeze, you cannot cast Freeze again until 3 turns later. A greyed out spell icon means the spell is recharging.

You'll be able to see how many turns you have left by the green bars on the spell icon. When the green bar fills up, the spell will be usable again.

Spell Chess rules

  • Checkmate OR capture the king to win

  • No castling through or into check

NOTE: In 3 and 4 player variants, any piece moving into the freeze area will also become frozen.

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