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What is vacation abuse?
What is vacation abuse?
Updated over a week ago

Vacation abuse occurs when players use vacation time simply to prolong games that are completely and hopelessly lost.

Please use vacation time in an honest manner, when you are unable to move for an extended period. has the right to adjudicate any game in which we feel one of the players is using vacation time to intentionally delay a game when in a lost position. Abusing vacation time may also result in a warning and/or account closure.

Please note that we have taken some measures to discourage frivolous use of vacation time, including implementing a one-day minimum on vacation duration:

  • All vacation times will consume a minimum of 24 hours.

  • If you are only on vacation for 5 minutes, 24 hours will be deducted from your remaining vacation time.

  • If you are on vacation for 23 hours, 24 hours will be deducted.

  • But if you are on vacation for 25 hours, then it is 25 hours (not 48) that will be used.

If you are confident that one of your opponents is abusing vacation, please contact us.

(Hint: If your opponent has a significant number of games going on apart from the one(s) with you, he or she is probably not being abusive. Remember: they can't move in any of their games as long as they are on vacation.)

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