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How do I challenge a friend to play four player chess?
How do I challenge a friend to play four player chess?
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Are you looking for a way to have a great time with your friends? Why not try challenging them to a game of Four Player Chess. To get started, follow these easy steps!

First, go to the Variants section to see all of the chess variants by hovering over 'Play' in the left menu and then clicking 'Variants':

From there, you can choose four player chess!

Then, you will see the Play menu on the right. Click 'Customize' at the bottom, and then toggle on 'Invite Players' so that you can choose who to invite.

You can also choose your time settings, and any other custom settings, click 'Invite Players'. You may see one or two pop ups requiring you to acknowledge our rules of behavior and the rules of the game. This is not directed specifically at you, it is simply a reminder of the rules sent to all players every so often.

Type in the names of the people you want to invite in the invite text box:

You can also choose to add bots, and decide whether the game is public or not, as well as choosing where players will sit after inviting them. You can also exclude yourself if you are just coordinating the game and starting it for your friends to play with each other.

Once you have 4 players invited, you are ready to begin your game!

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