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What is Crazyhouse?
What is Crazyhouse?
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Crazyhouse Chess Variant

Crazyhouse is a variant which follows most of the normal rules of chess, except that captured pieces can be reintroduced to the board on your turn. The pieces move the same way that they do in traditional chess.


  • Games can still end in the same way: checkmate, stalemate, and time-out.

  • Captured pieces reverse their color and are added to the capturing player's "bank."

  • On your turn, instead of making a move ,you may choose to "drop"a piece from your "bank" onto any open square on the board.

  • You can drop a piece from your bank to block a check, even in a position that would otherwise have been checkmate (i.e. without the piece from your bank to drop).

  • You may drop a piece to both check and checkmate the enemy king.

  • Pawns may not be dropped on the 1st or 8th ranks.

  • Pawns that have promoted and are then captured go into the bank as pawns, not as the piece they promoted to.

Crazyhouse Chess Variant

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