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What is Vision?
What is Vision?
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The Vision Trainer will help your board awareness, and help you be able to more quickly read diagrams and game notation. While this may not directly help your game, it definitely makes it easier to learn when you can more quickly read along!

See IM Danny Rensch talk about the Vision Trainer!

Vision Trainer

To access the Vision trainer, hover over 'More' and then click 'Vision'

Select the Training Mode:

  • Coordinates: shows a location on the board, such as e4

  • Moves: shows a move, such as Qd3

  • Coordinates and moves: shows a mix of both moves and coordinates

The Show Coordinates checkbox will show, or remove the coordinates on the edge of the board. We recommend for beginners to leave the coordinates on at first, and remove for higher difficulty later!

Finally, choose your color (or a mix of both), and then click start!

Once you've clicked start, the Vision Trainer will start showing coordinates or moves, depending on what you chose. Simply click on the designated square as quick as you can find it! Get as many right as you can in the time limit.

In the above image, I was shown c5, clicked on it, and am now being shown the next square to find, h4

Keep practicing to improve your score!

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