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How do I save my game versus the computer? (Android)
How do I save my game versus the computer? (Android)
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If you enjoy playing computer chess games on our website, you can now save them to your archive, just like your games against real people. This means you can keep track of your favorite computer games and have them easily accessible whenever you want to play them again.

Finishing a Game Against the Computer

To save a computer game to your archive, you must first finish a game against one of our computer personalities. If you're not sure how to do this, our article, How Do I Play Against the Computer on the Mobile App for Android? can walk you through the process step by step.

Once the game is over, tap the 'x' in the upper right of the results window to close the window.

Saving the Game to Your Archive

Next, on the bottom left of your screen, tap on 'options.' In the menu that appears, choose 'Add to Archive.' This will save the game to your archive, making it easy to find and access later.

You should now see the game in your archive, as well as in your recent completed games, just like any other game you have played. The computer icon to the left of the game will indicate that it was a computer game and that it was not rated.

Note: If you decide you don't want to keep the game in your archive, you have the option to remove it. However, this can only be done on our website, not on the app. Simply open the game on your web browser, then click on the trash icon below the rematch button.

Keep track of all your favorite computer games, just like normal games, using this simple feature. Have fun!

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