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What is Chaturanga?
What is Chaturanga?
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Chaturanga is an ancient precursor to chess, with much the same setup but a few differences in how the pieces move.

The Ferz

In Chaturanga the ferz replaces the queen and can only move one square diagonally. The king and ferz start on opposite squares as the king and queen would in traditional chess (the king starts on d1, the ferz on e1)

The Alfil

The alfil or elephant piece replaces the bishop and it jumps two squares diagonally. This piece jumps over other pieces like the knight and can only capture on the square it lands on.

The chariot

This piece replaces the rook, but it works exactly the same as a rook!

The pawn

The pawn functions the same except it can only move one space forward, even on the first turn.

The king and knight function the same as in standard chess.

There is no castling in Chaturanga

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