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How do game comments work? Who can comment & when?
How do game comments work? Who can comment & when?
Updated over a week ago members can leave comments on games - just as they can with other kinds of user-generated content (blogs, articles, forum posts, etc.).

In the case of Online Chess, we don't want outside interference in the outcome of a game, so the system "protects" the players until the game ends. Here's how it works:

Comments on a Game in Progress

  • If you are not one of the players, you can comment and see the comments of others

  • If you are one of the players, you see no comments at all, and you can't enter a comment yourself. (The same is true if you are not logged in - i.e. viewing the game anonymously.)

Comments on a Completed Game

All members can comment and read the comments of others

πŸ“ If a member is on the block list of either player, he or she will not be able to add comments.

By default, you will be notified of new comments on games you played. That is, you automatically "track" your own games just as you would a new forum topic you created.

As always, you can stop tracking (and alerts) for comments on a particular game - simply by viewing the game and unchecking the "Tracking" check-box on the upper-right corner of the comment editor.

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