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What are chess openings?
What are chess openings?
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The opening in chess refers to the first several moves of the game. "Book" chess openings refer to common sequences of moves that have been studied and are generally well-known by professionals. Many such lines are well documented in authoritative references like The Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO) and others.

A list of all the common openings and their sequences can be found here! You can also reach the opening explorer by hovering over ‘learn’ and selecting ‘openings’:

Find an opening that looks interesting to you, and click on it to learn the details.

Once you’ve clicked on an opening, you will be shown some history and details about the opening, pros and cons, and also will be able to see a list of follow up moves, and a list of thousands of games in which the opening was played for you to explore using the Game Explorer

Look through all the openings to find one that fits your style of play!

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