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How do I join the Beta? (Android)
How do I join the Beta? (Android)
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If you want to see the new features, updates, and bug fixes before anyone else, try joining the Beta!

See below for how to join the Android Beta. If you want to join the Beta for the website, see here.

Join the Android Beta

First, open up the Google play store, and find the app. Do not open the app, instead, find the app in the Google play store as if you were going to install it.

Then, scroll down to the very bottom, past the reviews, and below the developer contact:

Tap on 'Join' and you will be asked if you are sure:

Tap 'Join' again, and you'll see that you are now being added to the Beta!

After about 5 minutes, an update will install, and you will then be on the beta version of the Android app.

How to leave

If you ever decide you want to leave the Beta, you can always return to this same screen and tap 'Leave'

After tapping 'Leave' it will take about 5 minutes, then you will be removed from the beta, and will no longer receive beta updates. Be sure to reinstall the app to remove any beta updates that were installed and return to the normal version of the app!

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