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What does upvoting/downvoting a comment do?
What does upvoting/downvoting a comment do?
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You can vote up or down comments on the forums! There are a number of reasons that members would want to make use of the up/down voting feature on comments in posts. First though, let's understand the mechanics behind it.

Up/down voting, how does it work?

  • members can now upvote or downvote different types of content: comments, forum posts, club notes.

  • Only logged-in members can vote. Guests, members who are logged out, muted accounts, or non-activated accounts are not able to vote.

  • Members cannot upvote (or downvote) their own content.

  • Members can change their vote at any time. Did you initially downvote something, only to change your mind? You can select to upvote it instead.

  • One upvote counts as +1 to the score of the content item. One downvote counts as -1 to the score.

  • If an item’s score is at or below a certain threshold, it becomes semi-transparent (grayed out, dimmed).

  • If an item score is at or below a second threshold, it becomes hidden from view.

You can up or downvote a post by clicking on one of the arrows in the upper right of the post or content:

Below is a case where 2 members have upvoted, and another example where 2 members have downvoted:



Important to note

  • We continue to rely on Abuse Reports for moderation purposes. So, if you notice things like racism, sexism, or abuse, please continue to report these to support. However, you can also downvote the relevant content in addition to this reporting (to help hide the content from view, for example).

  • A content item may be downvoted for a variety of reasons. Not only for insults.

  • We have systems in place to ensure that this can’t be abused in order to take action on a member.

How does this feature contribute positively to the community?

We want our forums and comment sections to be a great place, where members can freely share their thoughts and discuss chess.

By giving community members the power to vote on content that you enjoy or dislike, we’re empowering you to support content and interactions that you enjoy and think are valuable, as well as the chance to downvote negative or inflammatory comments to hide them from view.

Basically, upvoting and downvoting will help everyone get to see the good stuff, and help us track down the bad stuff as quickly as possible (while minimizing the amount of exposure it gets).

Thank you for being an active part of the community, and give this feature a try!

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