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  • clubs Clubs are a great way to meet people in your area, organize events, or start a fan club. See below for links to all you need to know about clubs! See here to learn how to find and join a

  • What are club matches?

    There are lots of ways to play chess on, and one fun way is when two clubs play against each other! A club match is different than a tournament, because instead of one person winning, the

  • How can I create a Multi Club Arena?

    Clubs can now compete in arenas against other clubs. As many clubs and as many members as desired can participate. Whether you want to create a massive event with large online clubs or challenge

  • How do I join a club?

    Clubs offer a lot of opportunities, whether it’s playing Club Matches, or playing vote chess together, or simply to meet people from your area, or with your same interests! To find and join a club,

  • How do I create a club?

    Watch this support video, or read on below: Clubs are great ways to get in contact with people who live in your area, or have the same interests as you. To create your own club follow the below

  • How do I post a forum topic in my club?

    Each club has its own special forum area just for the club, only visible to club members! To post there, first navigate to your club's home page by hovering your mouse over 'social' and clicking on

  • How do I use club chat?

    All clubs have club chat! A chat room where you can chat with other members of your club! To get to club chat, go to the club you want to chat in, then click 'live chat' on the home page: This will

  • How do I quit a club?

    To remove yourself from a club you will need to visit the club homepage and then click on 'Settings' in the right side menu. This will take you to the settings menu for the club. At the bottom of

  • What are the different club roles?

    Clubs are a great way to meet new players with your same interests, and to participate in club matches, vote chess, and more! There are several roles with different abilities you can use to manage

  • How do I join a club match?

    When a new club match starts, all members of that club will receive a message in their inbox asking them to join. You can click the link in the message to view and then join the match. Or, you can go

  • How can I mute someone in my club?

    If you are a Super Admin in your club, you have the ability to mute members, which will remove the ability to post or comment from that member. First go to your club page, and click on 'members' on

  • How do I challenge another club to a match?

    To challenge another club, first go to the homepage of the club you want to issue the challenge from. Go to the clubs home page: Select the club you want, then from the

  • How do I invite someone to join my club?

    If you want to invite more members to your club, use the ' Invite Members' link under 'Admin Settings' on the right-hand side of your club's page. Then simply list all of the players you wish to

  • How do I play Vote Chess?

    To play Vote Chess, hover over 'More' in the left menu (three dots icon) and click 'Vote Chess' This will take you to the Vote Chess page, where you can see any ongoing games that any of your Clubs

  • How do I add, remove, or change a club admin?

    If you need some help managing your club, you may want to promote some members to an admin role, or even a super admin role. Here’s how! From your club home page, click on ‘members’ on the right

  • I'm experiencing harassment or other abuse in my club. What can I do?

    Our goal for making clubs at was to allow many different cultures to grow on our site. Many people have severe disagreements about what is acceptable behavior, and what is not, so by

  • How do I turn on/off emails and mobile notifications?

    To change your notification settings, click on the settings gear icon on the bottom left of any page on, and then select 'notifications'. Or, click here!:

  • How do I Invite people to my Daily tournament?

    So, you’ve created a Daily tournament and need people to join. Here’s how to invite people! Inside the tournament, under ‘TD Tools’ click ‘invite players’ This will open a window with further

  • Is it against the rules to impersonate another member or club?

    Yes. It is definitely against the rules to impersonate another member, either by using their image or copying their content. It is also against the rules to impersonate or copy an already

  • How do I join a community league for my country or local club?

    Community leagues provide great opportunities to represent your nation, state, city or community in many different types of chess, including daily chess, vote chess, rapid and bullet. To participate,

  • How can I create a Live (Blitz, Bullet, Rapid) Tournament?

    Check out this support video, or read on below! The first step to create a Live tournament is to be the owner or admin of a club! Live tournaments are always created through a club. If you need a

  • How do I join a Team Vote Chess game?

    When a new Team Vote Chess game is started, all members of the group will get a message to view and then join the game. Or, you can go to your club’s homepage and then under the Club Menu click on

  • Two players in 4 player chess FFA teamed up on me! Isn't that against the rules?

    Making alliances and teaming up in 4 player chess is NOT explicitly against the rules, as long as it is not prearranged. It’s simply the best strategy to (temporarily) cooperate with the opposite

  • How do I invite people to my Live tournament?

    After you've created your Live tournament for people in your club to play, you'll want to invite them! How can you do that? First, go to the Play menu by hovering over 'play' in the left menu and

  • What is spamming?

    You may have heard complaints of spamming, or even been warned or blocked for spamming yourself. What is spamming, what does it mean? Here are some things that we consider spamming, and against the

  • How do I join the Beta?

    If you want to test out new features before they are released, join the Beta and help us out! The only requirements are that your account be at least 30 days old, and you must comment on or create at

  • Privacy settings

    Your privacy settings can be found here: Or, click on the 'settings' icon on the bottom left of any page on Then choose Privacy from the menu on the

  • How do I connect my USCF ID to my account?

    US Chess Federation members can use their member ID to play US Chess rated chess on Here’s how to connect your USCF account to your account! Request to join the US Chess club.

  • Are there Bughouse tournaments? How do I join one?

    There are Bughouse tournaments, and they happen every 6 hours by the following schedule: 4:20 am, 10:20 am, 4:20 pm, 10:20 pm PT You can also see the full schedule, and more info by joining the

  • What are thematic games?

    Thematic games start with the first few moves of a specific opening already made. These games are set up this way by whoever creates the game, club match, or tournament. For example, if you were

  • What does each level of membership get me?

    If you are thinking about becoming a member on, you are probably curious about what each membership level offers. Here is a breakdown of each membership type, and all the features available

  • 4 Player Chess (4PC)

    Four Player Chess Rules There are 2 main variations of 4 Player Chess (4PC): Teams and Free-for-All. Teams Gameplay begins with the Red player. Clockwise move order: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green. Your

  • What is a Sandbagger?

    A sandbagger is a player who intentionally lowers their rating by losing on purpose, often with the intent of entering tournaments that they can easily win. Sandbagging is part of a broader category

  • What are leaderboards?

    Leaderboards show the ranking of players on in various game types or areas. There is a leaderboard for Bullet, Rapid, Blitz, Daily, every variant, tournaments, and even for Puzzle Rush! To

  • What does upvoting/downvoting a comment do?

    You can vote up or down comments on the forums! There are a number of reasons that members would want to make use of the up/down voting feature on comments in posts. First though, let's

  • How do I create a Daily tournament?

    Watch this support video (Daily tournament instructions start at 2:30) or read on below! Whether you have a group of friends, a club, or a class, there are many reasons you may want to create your

  • How do I Put a Game or Puzzle in a Forum Post? allows users to insert their own puzzles or games into forum posts and blog posts! This can be a fun way to give daily puzzles to your club, or to discuss a game. Here’s how: In the option

  • How do live tournaments work? Where can I join one?

    Want to join a tournament? There are both Swiss and Arena tournaments starting constantly on, so there will always be an event to take part in! See at the bottom of this article for the