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  • Are there Bughouse tournaments? How do I join one?

    There are Bughouse tournaments, and they happen every 6 hours by the following schedule: 4:20 am, 10:20 am, 4:20 pm, 10:20 pm PT You can also see the full schedule, and more info by joining the

  • No-Vacation tournaments

    If you want a faster tournament, you might want to try the No Vacation option! This can prevent long delays that happen when one or more members in the tournament go on long vacations. If the

  • What are arena tournaments?

    Arena Tournaments are fast paced, action filled events where you try to earn as many points as you can in a certain amount of time. There are no rounds in an Arena Tournament. Players are paired

  • What are thematic tournaments?

    Thematic tournaments are made up of thematic games which all start from a pre-defined starting position (such as three moves into a King's Gambit line, for example). This allows players to play

  • How do ties in tournaments work?

    Tournaments created on will by default have a tie break system enabled (we use the Neustadtl score method) which factors in the strength of the opponents. If you don’t want to use tie

  • How do daily tournaments work? uses the popular Round-Robin format for chess tournaments. In round-robin tournaments each player plays every other player in two games (once as white, once as black). An example of a small

  • How can I see events and tournaments on

    You can find all the current or past events and tournaments on our Events page! Hover over 'Today' in the left menu, then click 'Events' or, go here: This will take you

  • How is seeding and group placement determined in multi-group tournaments?

    For multi-group tournaments, players are placed into groups starting with the highest rated player sequentially down to the lowest rated player.  For example, in a 25-player tournament with 5 groups a

  • How do live tournaments work? Where can I join one?

    Want to know how good you really are? Sign up for a Live Chess tournament and find out today! Click Here to Play Live Chess! New tournaments start around the clock (check the schedule below!)

  • What are timeouts? Why can't I play in tournaments because of them?

    You may have noticed a ‘timeouts’ percentage on your stats page, and seen that some tournaments prevent players with a high timeout percentage from joining. What does all this mean? A ‘timeout’

  • How do membership levels (free vs premium) affect access to turn-based tournaments?

    Different membership levels allow members to play in and join different kinds and numbers of turn-based tournaments. See the table below to understand how the different membership levels affect

  • I'm late for the tournament! Can I still join?

    If you lost track of time and the tournament started without you, not to worry! In most cases you can still jump in! Live Swiss tournaments For Live Swiss tournaments of any kind, you can join in any

  • What are tournament leaderboard points?

    Tournament points are accumulated by competing in tournaments. If you place 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in a tournament (depending on tournament size) you will get an amount of points based on

  • What is a Swiss tournament?

    A Swiss tournament is different than a Round-Robin tournament in that no players are eliminated. Every player will play every round, and the player with the highest number of points at the end of the

  • Who is allowed to join a tournament?

    Anyone can join an Online Chess tournament as long as they meet the criteria for the specific tournament (usually related to ratings). Tournament Directors (TDs) have the ability to change the require

  • How do I cancel a tournament I created?

    Daily Tournament You can easily cancel the tournament by going to the tournament page and looking at the TD Tools menu on the lower right side of the screen: Click 'Cancel Tournament' on the bottom

  • How do I withdraw from a tournament? (Android)

    To withdraw from a tournament, return to the tournaments list. You will see the tournament you have joined listed at the top of the tournaments. Tap the 'X', then tap on 'OK' in the pop up window

  • How can I create a Live (Blitz, Bullet, Rapid) Tournament?

    The first step to create a Live tournament is to be the owner or admin of a club! Live tournaments are always created through a club. If you need a club, you can see how to create your own club here,

  • How do I create a Daily tournament?

    Whether you have a group of friends, a club, or a class, there are many reasons you may want to create your own tournament. First, you must meet some requirements: To create a tournament, you must be

  • How do I withdraw from a tournament?

    You can withdraw from a tournament at any time using the Withdraw link located on the right hand side of any tournament homepage. However, withdrawing from a tournament while you have games in

  • What is a 'bye' in a tournament?

    In Swiss tournaments, if the number of players in the round is uneven, then there will be one player with no one to play against that round. This unmatched player gets what is called a 'bye'. A bye

  • How do I connect my USCF ID to my account?

    US Chess Federation members can use their member ID to play US Chess rated chess on Here’s how to connect your USCF account to your account! Request to join the US Chess club.

  • What is a Sandbagger?

    A sandbagger is a player who intentionally lowers their rating by losing on purpose, often with the intent of entering tournaments that they can easily win. If one player has completely dominated a

  • How do I Chat with Other Players in Live Chess?

    To chat, simply type into the text box in the bottom right side of your current game and hit the  ENTER key on your keyboard. You can also chat in Arenas, tournaments, or other player’s games you are

  • How does a Round-Robin Knock-Out tournament work?

    A knock-out takes place when there are too many players to play a single-round Round-Robin. In a knock-out the players are put into smaller groups and then the winner(s) of that group are combined

  • How do I Invite people to my Daily tournament?

    So, you’ve created a Daily tournament and need people to join. Here’s how to invite people! Inside the tournament, under ‘TD Tools’ click ‘invite players’ This will open a window with further

  • How do I invite people to my Live tournament?

    After you've created your Live tournament for people in your club to play, you'll want to invite them! How can you do that? First, go to Live chess by hovering over 'play' in the left menu and

  • How do I read the latest news on

    There are news and other articles to read on the main page, but if you want even more news, hover over 'Today' on the left menu, and click News! This will take you to our page for all news!

  • How can I block another user?

    The easiest way to block someone is to click on their username, then select 'block' from the menu that appears. (you may have to click 'more' to see this option) Once blocked, a member cannot do any

  • What are the different chess titles?

    If you've been playing on for a while, you've probably seen several players with some red letters next to their name like GM or IM. What do these mean? These letters are titles that chess

  • What are leaderboards?

    Leaderboards show the ranking of players on in various game types or areas. There is a leaderboard for Bullet, Rapid, Blitz, Daily, every variant, tournaments, and even for Puzzle Rush! To

  • When do tournament games start? What if my opponent doesn't move?

    Tournament games will start when the tournament has finished registration and the tournament director starts the tournament. They can set a date and time, or they can manually start it at will. As

  • What is ChessTV? has partnered with many streamers and titled players to bring you a constant supply of live streaming chess! Hover over ‘Today’ on the left panel to see the options. ChessTV Click on

  • How do I get a Chess Title (Grandmaster, IM, etc)?

    You've probably seen some accounts on that have red letters next to their name such as GM, IM, WFM, and etc. These are FIDE titles, and players with FIDE titles can get them added to their

  • How do I start a game?

    To start a new game 1. Hover over ‘Play’ on the left-hand side of the screen, and select ‘New Game’ or 'Play' 2. If you like the settings as they are, you can click ‘Play’ to start a new game right

  • What are club matches?

    There are lots of ways to play chess on, and one fun way is when two clubs play against each other! A club match is different than a tournament, because instead of one person winning, the

  • What does ‘insufficient mating material’ mean?

    So you’re playing a game of chess, and are getting near the end. There are only a few pieces left, and one more is captured! But then… the game ends in a draw, and you get the message ‘insufficient

  • What does each level of membership get me?

    If you are thinking about buying a membership on, you are probably curious about what each membership level offers. Here is a breakdown of each membership type, and all the features

  • What is Daily Chess?

    Daily Chess is also referred to as Turn-based and Correspondence-style chess. The latter term highlights the similarity between this type of Internet chess and games played by letters sent through

  • How does Daily chess work?

    Daily Chess is also referred to as Turn-based and Correspondence-style chess. The latter term highlights the similarity between this type of Internet chess and games played by letters sent through

  • How do I use the Live Analysis Board?

    Live Analysis Boards provide an interactive & graphical tool for analyzing chess positions and games in real time - one on one, with a whole group, or with anyone who cares to tune in. Now you can go

  • What are Medals?

    You can earn a medal by placing first, second, or third in a tournament! To see what medals you have, hover over 'home' in the left menu, and click 'awards': From there, click on 'Medals' to see all

  • What are thematic games?

    Thematic games start with the first few moves of a specific opening already made. These games are set up this way by whoever creates the game, club match, or tournament. For example, if you were

  • How can I prevent getting wins based on timeouts?

    Turn off the switch labelled "Automatically claim victory when time runs out!" on your Daily Chess Settings Page & you will no longer automatically win when your opponent runs out of time; the game wi

  • Who are the best players in the world?

    If you want to check who the top rated players are, you can find a list on, with live updates! Just hover over 'More' in the left menu, then click on 'Chess Rankings' Here you can see who

  • What is the difference between "vacation" and the "unavailable" setting?

    Vacation pauses your timer to help prevent losing games that have already started. The vacation setting is used when you are unable to move for an extended period and you need to pause your games so

  • How do I change what's in my Showcase?

    Your showcase is a great way to show off your favorite trophies and awards! However, if you haven't looked at it in a while, it might still be filled with whatever trophies and awards you happened to

  • How do I challenge another club to a match?

    To challenge another club, first go to the homepage of the club you want to issue the challenge from. Go to the clubs home page: Select the club you want, then from the

  • What are achievements?

    Achievements are awards you can receive for reaching certain goals on your account at Unlike game and community awards, achievements can not be given, they can only be earned! Achievements

  • The game ended and my rating didn't change at all. Why?

    There are a few reasons why your rating may not change at the end of a game: If you are playing an unrated game, your rating won't be affected. Check the 'Details' tab next to the game board to see