How do I play against the computer on the mobile app? (Android)

If you want to practice a new opening, or see how someone might respond to a certain moves, try playing against the computer! 

First, tap 'New Game' from your home screen. 

Then, select 'VS Computer' from the list of options: 

This will take you to the computer! Where you can select Challenge Mode or Learning Mode:

Challenge mode will allow you to play against the computer without any help! Takebacks are not allowed, you will be playing as if it were a real, rated game! See if you can beat every level! 

Learning mode will offer suggested best moves, show evaluation, and give feedback on each move, and warn you when pieces are threatened. You can turn off or on any of these help features in the options.

In the above image you can see the evaluation bar at the top of the screen which shows things slightly in black's favor (-0.67). 

Below the evaluation bar you can see white's previous move, c3, and the evaluation of that move as 'Good'. You can also see what the best move would have been, Bd3. That move would have put white at +1.08

On the board, the green arrows show suggested moves. The red squares show that the piece is threatened. The e pawn is threatened by the knight, and the d pawn is threatened by black's e pawn. 

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