What is an open challenge?

An open challenge is a request for a game that hasn't been accepted yet. You can see open challenges by hovering over 'Play' on the left menu and clicking on 'New Game'

Then choose 'Open Challenges' from the menu: 

This will show a list of people looking for opponents, and the type of game they want to play. Click the check mark to accept a game, or, for further details about the game, you can click on the magnifying glass icon: 

This will take you to the game screen, where you can see further details about the game and the player, and decide whether to accept or not: 

From this information we can see that this member has one win, with no losses or draws, meaning they are a new player or new to Daily chess. They have no timeouts, a very low average time per move, they have 17 games currently going, 9 days of vacation, and you can see what the rating gain or loss will be when the game is over. At the very bottom you can see the time, which is 10 days per move. 

You can use all this information to decide if you want to accept the challenge! But choose quickly, these challenges get accepted fast! 

If you see the above message, this means someone else accepted the game while you were looking at it! 

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