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How can I play with a DGT smart board?
How do I play an unrated game?
What Chat Commands can I Use in Game Chat?
What is auto-queen, and how do I enable it?
How can I choose my color?
How do I start a game?
How do I change my board size?
What is the pre/post game board animation? Can I disable it?
What is Daily Chess?
How can I prevent getting wins based on timeouts?
How do I turn on or off Timestamps?
What does ‘insufficient mating material’ mean?
How do I make moves in live chess?
What is the difference between "vacation" and the "unavailable" setting?
Checkmate with a pinned piece? What's going on?
How can I see the captured pieces and material count?
How do I get a PGN of my game?
How do I make conditional moves?
How do I turn on/off my vacation status?
How much vacation does my opponent have?
How do I resign?
What are pre-moves and how do they work?
How can I play a game from a custom position?
What are thematic games?
How do I play an odds game?
How do I cancel a challenge I sent?
How do I host a simul and play multiple games at once?
What is focus mode? How do I turn it on?
How many points do I get for winning? How do I know?
What is Guest Play? I can play without an account?
How do I create or cancel an open challenge?
How do time controls work on
Why are there different ratings in live chess?
How does matching work in live chess?
How do I choose what rating my opponents are?
I joined a team match but then wasn't chosen to play - why not?
The game ended and my rating didn't change at all. Why?
Who is allowed to join Daily tournaments?
How do I watch the Computer Chess Championship?
How is seeding and group placement determined in multi-group tournaments?
What is an open challenge?
How do I invite people to my Live tournament?
How do I invite people to my Daily tournament?
How do membership levels (free vs premium) affect access to daily tournaments?
How is average time per move calculated?
What does 'Percentile' mean?
I just won a game, why didn't I get any League trophies?
Can I save my games against the computer?
What does my Stats page show?
How can I add comments and variations to games?
How do I view my own games?
What is the Players League? How do I join?
What are club matches?
How do I join a club match?
What are leaderboards?
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