Are streamers cheating when they get suggestions from viewers?

If you've ever watched a chess streamer, you may have noticed that viewers like to post possible moves in the chat. If the streamers use these moves, does that count as cheating? 

The short answer is, in most cases, no. The majority of popular streamers are very high rated, and most suggestions would come from lower rated players who are putting their ideas out there in an effort to learn. 

In the few cases where an official partnered streamer is a lower rated player, these streamers have special allowances for entertainment purposes, to account for the small likelihood that the streamer is able to determine at a glance what move out of the many suggestions is a good suggestion. 

If you feel you have encountered a streamer who is playing unfairly, please contact support. However, simply seeing some moves posted in the chat is a part of live streaming, and not something that can be avoided! 

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