He reported me for cheating, but I didn't cheat! Am I in trouble?

No! If you didn't cheat, you have nothing to worry about!

Chess.com will never close an account for cheating based on reports alone. 

This means even if a super popular streamer gets all his followers to report you, if you didn't cheat, nothing will come of it. 

The reporting system is designed to send a heads up to the Fair Play team that they may need to investigate the account. The reports themselves do not trigger a closure. 

If the Fair Play team sees a large number of reports, they will want to investigate the account right away.  But if you didn't cheat, the Fair Play team will find nothing, and all the reports will be cleared! 

You can read more about how cheat detection and the Fair Play team work here.

If you suspect your opponent cheated, see how to report someone here. 

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