Privacy settings

Your privacy settings can be found here:

Or,  click on the  'settings' icon on the bottom left of any page on

Then choose Privacy from the menu on the left. See below for an explanation of each setting option.

-Choose who can send messages to you, and receive messages from you: everyone, or friends only

-Allow chat requests from: Everyone, friends only, friends and club members, or nobody

-Choose who can chat with you in Daily games: Everyone, friends only, or nobody

-Choose who can chat with you in Live games: Everyone, friends only, or nobody

-Choose who can post notes on your profile and view the notes on your profile: Everyone, friends only, or nobody (this setting defaults to friends only)

-Choose who can view your blog: Friends only, or everyone

-Choose who can see your friends list: Friends only, or everyone

-Choose whether to allow members to send: Friend requests, Game challenges, Club invitations or Tournament invitations to you

-Safe mode: If safe mode is enabled, all comments, chat, and messaging of any kind will be disabled on the account. 

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