What Chat Commands can I Use in Game Chat?

There is a large variety of commands you can use in the console and/or in game chat! To see a list of all of them, type /help in the console. 

Here are all the commands listed below! 

List of general commands:

  • /follow    Follows a member's games / prints a list of followed members. Example: /follow Bishop or /follow
  • /unfollow    Stops following a member / stops following all. Example: /unfollow Bishop or /unfollow
  • /friend    Sends a friend request. Example: /friend Bishop
  • /observe    Observes ongoing member's games. Example: /observe Bishop
  • /top    Observes top games of the type bullet, blitz, standard or friend. Example: /top friend, /top blitz
  • /play /challenge    Challenges a member with specified clock settings. Example: /play Bishop 2 12  - if you want the game to be unrated, add ‘u’ at the end. Example: /play Bishop 2 12 u
  • /partner /+partner    Request bughouse partnership. Example: /partner Bishop
  • /nopartner /-partner    Leave bughouse partnership. Example: /nopartner

Game commands

  • /abort  Aborts the current game
  • /ping    Checks your lag or a member's lag. When in a game, it checks both players' lag. Example: /ping or /ping Bishop

Keyboard/mouse shortcuts:

There are also some keyboard and mouse shortcuts, not listed there, which you can use in game:

  • Press X to flip board.
  • Press Z to go into focus mode.
  • Press Arrow Right to go to next move on board.
  • Press Arrow Left to go to the previous move on board.
  • Press Arrow Up to go to the first move on board.
  • Press Arrow Down to go to the last move on the board.
  • Press ctrl/shift + Right Click on a square to highlight green.
  • Press alt + Right Click on a square to highlight blue.
  • Right Click on a square to highlight red.
  • Hold Right Click from one square to another to draw arrow on board.
  • Hold alt key to temporarily disable auto-queen.

If the information in this article is out of date, incorrect, or unclear, please let us know!

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