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How do I use game analysis?
How do I use game analysis?
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Alongside the Game Report, we also have the analysis function that may be familiar to many users! There are two ways to get there. Danny Rensch explains how to use analysis in this video!

First finish a game, or open a game from your archive. You can click on either the Game Review button, or click on the ‘Analyze’ button:

If you are already looking at the game review, you can click on the ‘analysis’ tab, on the top next to the ‘review’ tab.

This will open the engine analysis of each move, and if 'Lines' is toggled on, it will show the top lines for each move:

Click on the settings gear icon in the top right to adjust how the engine analyses the game:

In the Analysis tab, you can choose the depth of game review (how many moves deep the engine looks), depending on how deep you choose, the game review can take much longer to complete.

You can also choose your Engine for browser and cloud analysis, and the maximum depth and number of lines to show.

In the Interface tab you can choose whether to show the best move, the evaluation bar, or the strength colors, and also whether you want to have threats highlighted, and whether you want the coach's comments.

Click on the different colored eyes to enable or disable specific move colors, and to turn on or off the colors for your opponents moves.

The board tab is the same options as in your board and pieces settings.

Graph bars

At the bottom of the game board you have the option to show a variety of graphs

If you don't see these options, you will need to click the 'toggle charts' button to enable them:

  • Score: This option shows a graph of the score change by move, and also has icons for move categories such as best move, or blunder

  • Time: This graph shows the differences in length of time per move

  • Best Move Diff: This shows the difference in your move versus the best move. If the best move is played, no change is shown, and the graph stays in the middle

  • Themes: This graph shows what themes were present at what point in the game. These are the basis for the puzzles and lessons recommended to you in the Game Review

How do I save my analysis?

If you have run the game review on your game, you can always view the game review analysis again by opening the game from your archive. Viewing the game review again will not use up your free game review per day.

If you have made comments or saved lines in your own analysis in the analysis tab, you can see here how to save and view your own analysis again.

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