How can I play against the computer?

Playing against the computer is a great way to practice a new opening, or see how a player might react to a new strategy. 

To play the computer, hover over 'play' on the left menu, then select computer: 

From here, click on the computer image, or the settings Icon to change the settings for the computer. 

Difficulty: Select how strong you want the computer to be, 1 is the easiest, 10 the hardest. You can read more about the difficulty settings here. 

Coach Mode: If this option is on, the computer will tell you whether each move you play was the best move, or an inaccuracy or blunder, and also tell you what the best move was. (Highlighted in blue in the image below)

Show Evaluation: If this option is on, you will see the computer evaluation which will update after each move. (Highlighted in purple in the image below) For more info on how the computer evaluation works, click here

Play as: choose which color you want to play. You can also choose by clicking the 'flip board' option. You can even change in the middle of the game! 

Since the computer is unrated these games will not affect your rating. Because of this, you may take back moves by clicking the back button, as many times as you like and as far back as you like. 

If you want to play a rated game against one of our many bots, see here!

Try playing the computer right now! 

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