How can I play against the computer?

Playing against the computer is a great way to practice a new opening, or see how a player might react to a new strategy. 

To play the computer, hover over 'play' on the left menu, then select computer: 

Next, decide what kind of computer you want to play, there are a variety of settings: 

Challenge - This mode will let you play the computer with no assistance, and no takebacks! Try to beat the computer on every level! 

Friendly - This mode will let you take back moves, but does not show lines or show best moves. 

Assisted - In this mode, you will get to see the feedback on every move, suggested next moves, and analysis lines real time as you play. You can also take back moves. 

Difficulty: Select how strong you want the computer to be, 1 is the easiest, 10 the hardest. You can read more about the difficulty settings here. 


You can further change the options by clicking on 'options'

Time control - Select a time limit as in a real game! Be careful though, the computer moves instantly so you will have less time than you would against another person! 

I Play As - Choose to play as white, black, or random. 

V The below options are only available in assisted mode! V

Show feedback - When this setting is enabled you will see the computer evaluation after each move: 

Show Lines - With this enabled, you will see the lines calculated as if the game were in analysis mode as you play: 

Show suggestions - With this turned on, you will see green arrows showing you possible good moves when it is your turn: 

Show threats - If this is enabled, pieces that are threatened (able to be captured) will have their squares highlighted in red: 

The e4 square is highlighted in red because the knight is threatening it!

If you want to play a rated game against one of our many bots, see here!

Try playing the computer right now! 

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