How do I change what's in my Showcase?

Your showcase is a great way to show off your favorite trophies and awards! 

However, if you haven't looked at it in a while, it might still be filled with whatever trophies and awards you happened to earn first. 

To see your showcase, you can go to 'home' and then 'awards' or, look on the right side on your home page below your ratings and above your friends!:

To change what's in the showcase, click on 'awards'! 

Then, click on the award in your showcase that you want to remove, and click 'remove from showcase' 

Once you've removed all the awards you don't want, you can add new ones! 

Find any of your tournament trophies or community or game awards that you want to add, click on them, and select 'feature in showcase' 

Now, everyone who visits your page will see this award in your showcase! 

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