How do I look at chess games played by the masters?

One great way to improve at chess is to learn from the masters! has a huge collection of games played by the best players on Earth, and you can browse it for free! You don't even need to have an account!

Hover over the 'more' chessboard icon on the left menu, then click 'master games' under the 'resources' subheading or, click here!

You'll be taken to our Master Games database, which you can browse, or search for specific dates, positions, and more, or click on the picture of your favorite player to see all their games: 

If you want to narrow the search down, you can put in a number of search parameters (click on 'advanced' to see the whole list of options!):

You can search by opening, by players, by game results, rating, year, number of moves, or even search an exact position by entering a FEN! (Click here for more info about FEN

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