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How do I use the Library?
How do I use the Library?
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To learn how to add games to your own Library, create collections, view other member's collections, and more, please view this video tutorial:

Or, read on below!

To access your Library, hover over 'More' in the left menu, then click 'Library'

This will take you to your own personal library where you can view or create collections of games that you, or others, have played.

Create a collection

The first time you visit your library it will be empty. You can choose to create a new collection, or to browse community collections:

To create a collection, simply click on the green 'Create New Collection' button. In the popup window that appears, choose a name for your collection, then click 'Create'

Click on the icon to edit the collection icon if you want to select a different image:

Add games

Once you have created a collection, you can add some games to it!

You can add a number of games depending on your membership level:

Basic: up to 1000 games saved in your Library

Premium: up to 100,000 games!

Each collection has a limit of 5000 games.

To add a game, just open any game on, it doesn't even have to be a game you played!

From in the game, you'll see the Library icon on the bottom, under the other buttons:

Click the library icon, and then choose which collection to add the game to, or create a new collection for it right then and there!

If you have multiple collections, you can add the game to any number of them.

You can even add games from outside If you have a PGN, you can add any game, from anywhere

Just click on 'Paste PGN' and paste in your PGN, or many PGNs, and add them all to your collection with a single click.

To view your games, go back to your Library and open the collection that you added the games to.

Then click on the game:

You will be able to view the game right in the same window, and click through all the moves.

You can also view the game at the original game link, or analyze, share a link, or download a PGN, all from inside your collection.


You can create collections not only for yourself and your friends, but also for the entire community!

If you enjoy creating content and sharing valuable information with others, you can do it by making your collections public.

To do so, toggle the Make Public switch to on, which you'll find under the Privacy menu.

You can view collections of other members, and browse games other people have collected!

All the public collections from the community will be under the Community Collections tab.


If you see a collection that's not yours and you really like it, you can bookmark it to find it again easily. Once inside the collection, all you need to do is click the Bookmark Collection button.

All your bookmarked collections will be under the Bookmarks tab.

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