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How do I watch the Computer Chess Championship?
How do I watch the Computer Chess Championship?
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The Computer Chess Championship is a battle between the best chess engines around! Engines such as Stockfish, Leela, Dragon, and more, all take part in an ongoing battle for supremacy!

Where to go

To watch the computers duke it out, first hover over 'More' in the left menu, then click on 'Computer Championship'

This will take you to the computer tournament page, where you can watch the games, chat, look at stats, and vote on the winners:

Info tabs

Click on the different tabs to view different info:

Eval: This shows the different engine evaluations of who is winning

Depth: This shows how many moves deep the engines are looking for each move

Nodes: This shows the total positions looked at for each move

Time: This shows time spent on each move

Speed: This shows the number of moves looked at per second

TB Hits: This shows the number of known tablebase positions that were examined.

Vote: Click on this tab to access the voting. Click on the engine icon to vote for them! In the image above, two people have voted for Stockfish, and 1 has voted for Lc0

Standings: See who is ahead in the tournament so far!

Schedule: See what games are up next

Match: Info about the current match

Info: Info about the current tournament.

Non stop games

The computer chess championship is always happening! As soon as one event ends, another will start. Computers don't get tired, so why not keep them playing? There will always be games to watch in the computer chess championship!

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