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How can I watch a game?
How can I watch a game?
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One great way to improve at chess is to learn from the pros! And one good way to do that, is to watch them play!

If you want to watch a live game, go into Live chess, and see who's playing! Hover over 'Play' on the left menu, then click 'Play'

This will take you to the new game screen. Click on the 'Games' tab, then click on 'Watch'

This will show you the top rated games being played, or any special event games that are being relayed. Click on one of the games on the list to watch!

This will open the game. You can turn on evaluation and lines to see the what the engine has to say about the position, or just watch!

You'll be able to chat about the game with anyone else watching, and even guess what moves the pros will play next!

If you get tired of the game, simply close the window:

Then go back to the 'Games' tab and choose a new game to watch!

Watch a friend

To see if your friends are playing, click on the 'Players' tab, then click on 'Friends'

You will see a list of your friends and the people you follow who are online. Any who have the status of 'Playing' you can click on and watch their game!

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