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How can I prevent getting wins based on timeouts?
How can I prevent getting wins based on timeouts?
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Maybe you are playing an airheaded friend who always forgets to make their move, or maybe you just don't like when a game ends early, whatever the reason, if you don't want your Daily game to automatically end when your opponent runs out of time, here's what to do!

First, click the 'Settings' icon in the bottom left corner of any page on

Then, choose Daily Chess from your settings menu:

Then, toggle OFF the 'Automatically claim victory when time runs out!' switch:

Don't forget to scroll down and click 'Save'!

Once this setting is disabled, you will no longer automatically win when your opponent runs out of time. You will instead see a check box, with the option to 'claim win.'

Clicking on 'claim win' will end the game, just as if your opponent ran out of time, but you get to choose when to do this. If you want to give your opponent an extra hour, day, or week, it's up to you to choose when to claim the win.

Until you click 'claim win', the game will be paused, waiting for your opponent to play their move.

If your opponent doesn't make a move within 60 days, they will still lose by timeout, regardless of the setting. This is to prevent indefinitely paused games, if both players leave, for example.

This setting does not affect tournament games.

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