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How do I become a streamer?
How do I become a streamer?
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Anyone can be a streamer! All you need to do is start streaming on!

How to get started

First, create an account on Twitch YouTube, or any other streaming platform. See here for a how-to guide on creating a Twitch account, and one here for YouTube!

You'll also need to install some streaming software such as OBS or Streamlabs, we recommend OBS, and you can see here for a tutorial on how to get started there.

Once you've got it all set up, just start streaming!

Stream your games on, or puzzles, variants, or anything you like!

Get listed at

Once you've been consistently streaming for a while, and built an audience, you can apply to become listed as a streamer on

If approved, fans will be able to easily follow you from our page, and fans who follow you there will see alerts and notifications when you go live.

You can also learn much more details about the program, the requirements, and everything else by reading this article.

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